Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Instead of giving a full-length treatment of V FOR VENDETTA, one of my most recent Netflix treasures, I'll post this interview between Zach Galifinakis and Natalie Portman. I go back and forth on Portman. On the one hand, I can never forgive her for her involvement with the Star Wars saga: wooden acting, lame lines, culminating with the infamous "Hold you like me did next to the lakes of Naboo." I get shivers just thinking about it. On the other hand, she's really cute, and a Harvard grad, and lacks most of the Hollywood silliness. She tends toward more serious flicks, which I can appreciate.

So, in lieu of my analysis of the deep philosophical waters of V FOR VENDETTA, check this, this, this, or especially this out. Frankly, I found the parallels between 1984 and V pretty intriguing, especially when you consider that John Hurt plays Winston Smith (the hero of 1984) and the chief villan of V, a very "Big-Brother"-esque kind of character. And then, watch go watch this.

Apologies for having to go watch it elsewhere; I'm not tech-savvy enough to embed the video here.

NOTE BENE: With this post, we have the most productive month EVER for this site, logging 16 posts this month. Go celebrate or something.

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Scott Rushing said...

I forgive Portman for her involvement in Star Wars. I'm not sure any other actress could have done better, short of re-writing her lines for Lucas and forcing him to give up blue screens.