Friday, January 8, 2010


sean cathey recently said something brilliant about the gluttonous pleasure of going to the theater during the morning. i liked his suggestion so much, i decided to try it for myself. and what better film to begin a new habit of morning theater goings than a dark and sinister vampire flick? a little coffee, a bite of lunch, and then two hours in a dark theater. yessir, this certainly feels like a day off, and this film made my day off feel like a freaking holiday.

DAYBREAKERS is proof that stephanie meyer has not totally staked all the heart out of vampire lore, at least not yet anyway. when one adds up the recent triumphs in vampire cinema - 2007's graphic novel adaptation, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT; the 2008 swedish masterpiece LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, based on the blindingly brilliant novel by john ajvide lindqvist (thank you again, kelly riad); and then this new undead gem - it becomes quite apparent that vampire lore is only getting better.

the DAYBREAKERS premise is simple but brilliant. it's 2019. the majority of the earth's population are vampires and the primary food source - which is harvested, marketed, and hunted by the military and major corporations - is humankind. however, the food supply is running low. the human population is depleting, which means that the major blood supply corporations are in danger of going bankrupt. this is where star vampire hematologist ethan hawke steps into the picture. his job is to create a blood substitute, a processed alternative to human blood that will sustain vampires past the extinction of humanity. however, ethan hawke is neither stoked about being a vampire or about prospering the vampire race. luckily for him, he runs into a group of renegade human beings who offer him a chance to mass produce a cure for vampirism instead an alternative food source. of course, this opportunity undermines the greater interest of big blood supply corporations, namely ethan hawke's boss, and this conflict of interests - between curing vampires or feeding them profitably fake blood - is where the plot thickens, congeals, and splatters all over the screen.

there's more i want to say about this, and maybe i'll work some of that into the ded-gum comments section, but for now the wife and i got some tickets to see AVATAR in IMAX. and as much as may have liked this little number, i ain't missing my engagement to write about the last one. overall, i give DAYBREAKERS 4 hamsterian gasps that ethan hawke didn't screw this one up out of 5. shucks, the wife is pushing me out the door and to the show. and all this time i thought i was the one excited about the blue folks


Tiffani R said...

One look at the movie poster in our local cineplex on New Year's Eve was enough to send my parents into an excited frenzy. One look at the preview was enough to have me cowering in my seat, reminded why I don't like vampire movies and/or scary movies in general.

Normally, your reviews convince me that I might be wrong and enjoy a movie that I once eschewed (yes, I used eschewed).... but not today. Today was like the nail in the vampire's daytime bed for me.

Enjoyed your (brief) review. Will not be seeing this movie.

But Avatar was awesome on the Cinerama screen - I can only imagine its even MORE awesomeness on the IMAX!

myleswerntz said...

Um, I will be seeing this movie, probably at a late-show after the wife has gone to sleep.