Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Two-Fer. 'Cause I Like to Party.

Janna and I have been lucky lately. Twice now, we've gotten away kid-free to go to the Downtown West Theater to see something lovely. Downtown West is the cinema equivalent of Death Cab for Cutie - all indie, and all awesome. This is the only place in Knoxville you can see these kinds of flicks, and that's cool with me. I can handle the $12 for popcorn and a coke, if this is what I get in return.


Seeing this movie was a direct result of one of life's great truths: John is a dummy. We wanted to see PAPER HEART. I looked at the times, we went to the theater, and somewhere in between, I screwed up, remembered the times wrong, and we got to the theater 20 minutes late for PAPER HEART. So we decided to see AWAY WE GO instead. Enter another one of life's great truths: Despite John being a dummy, things tend to work out ok. This time, things didn't work out ok, they worked out beautifully.

This is a movie about two people (John Krasinki and Maya Rudolph) who love each other very much. They find out they're pregnant, and set out on a journey to figure out the best place for them to raise their child and really become a family. This is a movie about finding your own way in the world. It's about asking your friends and relatives what they think about what you should do, and then doing the opposite - because you look at them and think "your life is awfully screwed up. Why would I want to listen to you about how to do life?"

AWAY WE GO is episodic, and at turns, the episodes are tragic or funny or sweet. I don't want to get too specific because it would take away the fun, but Maggie Gyllenhall's character is wonderfully awful, and Krasinki and Rudolph's response to her is delightful. Really. And that's
just one little part. Go see this with your wife (or husband).

AWAY WE GO gets 5 trampoline sleepovers out of 5.


This one was our most recent venture and lemme tell you something. What is says on the poster there - "This is not a love story. This is a story about love." - the poster tells the truth, man. That's exactly what it is. This one tells the story of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, a man who measures his life by relationships. The day he meets Zooey Deschanel's character (Summer - hence the title) is Day 1. There's not a lot of specific plot to talk about, so let me break down one specific scene for you. In this scene, Tom (Gordon-Levitt) is going to a party. The scene is shot in split screen, and on the left, the screen is labeled "Expectation" and on the right, the screen is labeled "Reality." The two scenes are shown concurrently, what he is hoping for, right alongside the reality of the scene. I've been watching movies for a long time and I gotta tell you, this scene is brilliant with a capital BRILLIANT. There are some films that will be studied in film class for years and years, and this is one. Even the way the film is structured is innovative. Also, there's a scene involving Han Solo that literally had me weeping with laughter.

This is a different movie than AWAY WE GO. AWAY WE GO is a love story. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER is not. But it's still great for taking your significant other to. This one had Janna and I talking for hours about both film and how relationships work.

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER gets 5 artistic piles of poo out of 5.


John Barber said...

News Flash! AWAY WE GO is out on DVD - I had no idea... Go get it! I'm ordering from Amazon right now...

the hamster said...

ooooo, zooey deschanel!

i'm late on responding, but you've convinced me to try both of these. especially the second one. will keep you posted.