Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A new zombie series starring Jon Heder? "Tina, come eat your brains!"

Verdict is very much out on this one.

Go here to check it out.


the hamster said...

i'm saving this for a can of lemon zesty sparkling water and a comfy couch tonight. thanks for sharing. the entire site looks pretty entertaining.

ps. where's your zombie letter, 'scratcher.

the hamster said...

watched the first little episode here. it was 4 minutes long. kinda nice. will try a few more over the next couple days. thanks for the recommendation, or the nonrecommendation that i follwed as if a recommendation.

myleswerntz said...

Watched a few, and they're nice for what they are. I like how he's a zombie that doesn't want to admit he's a zombie. Kinda fun.

the hamster said...

if i ever become a zombie, i'd want myles or john to break the news to me. even more than latonya. she might become too emotional, which would make me too emotional. i'm thinking myles and john would immediately help me figure out ways to capitalize on the situation.