Monday, October 12, 2009


dear myles,

mark my words: ZOMBIELAND is the best film of 2009. i laughed harder and cheered louder in this film than anything else this year. and after months of proclaiming THE HANGOVER the funniest film of the year, ZOMBIELAND took the final cake. from the opening montage (the big lady and her beanie babies blasting through the windshield, the stripper zombie with pastis and a client trying to hold his beverage intact while running - awesome) to the very end, there was not a single moment of this film to debate.

here's some thoughts, cut and pasted and elaborated straight from an email i sent to kelly riad after the film on saturday:

1) i usually do not love the woody harrelson, but he nailed it in this film. with the exception of NATURAL BORN KILLERS, woody harrelson has done nothing for me since CHEERS. he's just such a schmoe in real life, and he perfectly brought that to this role. this was the real woody amped up to 11. he was priceless.

2) i completely disagree with you that the younger cast were "Way too bland, cardboard and emo." i liked the cast. thought they were perfect. as the following notes indicate in more detail.

3) i heart that emma stone. she's the new demi moore of this young acting generation: husky voice, bad ass attitude, communicative eyes, multi dimensional, beautiful but dangerous, sweet but aloof. i think of early 80s demi everytime i see emma. we have great things to expect from this girl. she may not have as elaborate a career as demi moore (who else could?), but emma stone definitely has a talent and look that suit comedy and horror-comedy like a zombie wig on bill murray.

4) jesse eisenberg does the michael cera thing better than michael cera. way awkward, but not annoyingly over the top or repetitive. this jesse kid knows when to amp it up and tone it down. after ZOMBIELAND, i'm stoked to see what ADVENTURELAND. i'm liking this guy.

5) dude, there is nothing "too bland" or "cardboard" about abigail breslin. the kid is good. loved her in SIGNS and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, and i thought she was everything she needed to be in this. i'm hoping somebody handles her career better than they've handled dakota fanning's.

6) yes, like you, i too love SHAUN OF THE DEAD, but i may have liked ZOMBIELAND more. there was more action. there was the "top floor of the A-list" cameo appearance. and there was that apocalyptic feel to ZL that i adore in films. SHAUN didn't have that end of humanity bit. sorry, but i'm a sucker for the apocalypse.

7) may i please express how gratified i felt to finally have a cinematic hero blaze his winning trail through a series bout with irritable bowel syndrome? that felt good. that felt real. i have never even felt that represented by a presidential candidate. when he started talking about the vulnerability of the john, my gut replied. tina turner once said, "we dont' need another hero." i disagree. and i embrace the heroics of an IBS inflicted zombie killer.

8) metallica in the opening sequence: genius.

9) i thought these were the best looking zombies i've ever seen. very real. they all looked so freshly deceased. sometimes romero's make-up dudes over do the craftsmanship and make them too freakish, too inhuman. but, dude, those little princess zombies were the real deal!

i easily give ZOMBIELAND 6 blasted twinkie caches out of 5. this is THE film of 2009. can't wait to see this again.

now, it's your turn.

- hamster


myleswerntz said...

In the interest of research and keeping the quality standards high, I plan on going to see it again tonight. Perhaps my judgment of the acting was a little premature.


Response coming tomorrow. Hippo, out.

jen said...

Well said Hamster!!! I totally agree!