Friday, September 25, 2009


today is september 25, 2009. it is the birthday of several noteable people in the arts, plenty of artists that each deserve their own postings today. just a few who will celebrate births today include:

- Mark Hamil
- Christopher Reeve
- Shel Siverstein
- Will Smith
- Catherine Zeta-Jones
- Santigold

a rich list indeed.

however, i would like to take this opportunity to celebrate one of the most overlooked actresses in hollywood today. a young lady i first encountered fleeing from alien teachers in the hallways of her high school. a young lady who usually plays the outcast, the loser, the quiet sufferer who never achieves a climatic triumph. she never plays the lead. she never wins the day or the dude. she is the constantly defeated, the consummate victim. and regardless of her past cinematic accelades, she may never land the breakthrough role that will allow her to shine.

even when you look through her IMDB filmography, you will probably not recognize or realize she was in half the films you have seen on her list. she was the other girl. the supporting actress. the one who made the lead look that much better. and just like jennifer grey was "oh yeah, you meant that girl with the nose" before she became patrick swayze's "baby," this young lady is "oh yeah, you mean the girl with the jaw."

ladies and gentlemen, today i would like to celebrate the september 25 birth of a name i am always excited to see in the opening credits to a film: miss clea duvall

and to celebrate miss duvall's birthday, i am linking a video from the film that introduced me to clea duvall, The Faculty. if you have not seen The Faculty, shame on you. kick it to the top of your que. it's ridiculously hip and Hilfiger, but it easily deserves 4 just-add-water-sea-monkeys out of 5. total blast.

happy birthday, clea duvall. may you land you much deserved lead this year.


myleswerntz said...

I knew her from the first season of Heroes. Never really cared for her that much, but happy birthday, Clea.

the hamster said...

never seen HEROES. maybe she bombed in it. we can't all be winner winner chicken breakfasts.

what else have you seen her in that you didn't like?

Sariah said...

She was in one of my favorite Buffy episodes. The flute player who disappears.

John Barber said...

All of those are wonderful things (THE FACULTY, HEROES, etc). But man, oh, man. If you haven't seen Carnivale, the HBO series that only lasted two divine seasons, then you ain't seen nothin' yet. This is a BRILLIANT show. They had to rush the ending of season 2 a bit because they were canceling it, but it is awesome. If you haven't seen Carnivale, put THAT on your queue. And, of course, Clea is wonderful in it.

Latonya said...

did i watch this one with you? it looks familiar.

Anonymous said...

The Faculty! Great flick. Filmed in and around my hometown, and some of my high school classmates are extras in it. Duvall was good in Identity and Girl Interrupted, too. I'm going to have to check out Carnivale if I can find it...