Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Dirty Dancing came out when I was in 8th grade. I don't remember what I thought or felt when I first saw it, but I remember this - I loved Patrick Swayze from that moment forward. I loved that he played this wounded, complex character in a movie that so easily could have been bubble gum. I loved that he wore very little clothes for most of it. And I loved that he sang a (lets face it) cheesy song on the soundtrack. That soundtrack and movie would accompany me for the next twenty+ years. And when I think of epic, heroic movie lines, my favorite won't ever be, "I won't let go" from Titanic, or "You had me at hello" from Jerry McGuire or even "What if he admitted he was a daft prick and begged you on his knees to reconsider if you would in fact, reconsider?" from Notting Hill... but will live on forever as: "Nobody puts baby in a corner." When Johnny stood up for Baby, I fell in love. I still want someone to make a dramatic gesture like that for me...perhaps that's why I'm still unmarried. That notwithstanding, there is not a single Swayze movie I've seen that I did not enjoy thoroughly: Ghost - funny, romantic, and exciting movie with a great love scene and great ending; Point Break - no one, not even Johnny Depp - could make me want to root for a bad guy more than Swayze (who also made me want to learn to surf); North and South - Classic actor in a classic story; The Outsiders? How could I forget the Outsiders - that movie made me weep and I was in elementary school! Patrick Swayze will be missed; but thankfully I have the collectors edition of Dirty Dancing on DVD, so he will never be forgotten.

- Tiffani Riggers

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myleswerntz said...

nobody puts Tiff in a corner. good job.