Sunday, May 24, 2009

No, Really. This is how to Reboot a Series.


If you were to look under my bed in the clear plastic container with the blue lid, you'd find some things of which lesser mortals might be embarrassed. You'd find the 8x10 glossies of Riker, and Uhura, and Mr. Scott (all autographed - eat that!). You'd find ancient VHS's of The City on the Edge of Forever and The Trouble With Tribbles. You'd find one of those little logo thingees that the Next Generation guys had pinned to their uniforms and they used for communicators (alas, all mine did was hurt when I put it on too fast). And there's more. True, and not sad at all.

I tell you all of this in the name of complete disclosure, and also to tell you that I am a Trekkie (or Trekker) at heart. No, I never dressed up for a convention. But I did go to a couple of conventions when I was a kid. I shook hands with Spock and Picard. I lived the dream. So I am exactly the kind of person that JJ Abrams lost sleep over. Could the new movie please the once hardcore fan? The guy that once believed that an argument over the original series vs. the Next Generation was just ridiculous (let's be real, Kirk would kick Picard's lillywhite British fanny). Well it did, and it did it in style.

I liked almost everything about STAR TREK. The opening scene set the stage for a total reboot of the STAR TREK mythos (Janna laughs at me when I use the word canon) without breaking any rules. Then, the scenes of a young Jim Kirk laughing in the face of authority (with a Beastie Boys soundtrack, nonetheless!) left me smiling. And while the tension between Kirk and Spock form the backbone of the movie, it was the little things that, added together, made the whole thing wonderful. From the Kobayashi Maru sequence, to Pike's wheelchair to Sulu's fencing to Chekov's accent (Wictor, Wictor!), the details were spot on. Best example: when Kirk and Sulu jump down to disable the drill, they take along Olson. In true STAR TREK fashion (and you know that JJ Abrams cares about this stuff), Olson is wearing a Red Shirt so that you know that he's not making it back alive.

Of course, in true JJ Abrams fashion, he plays fast and loose with time travel (but that's no big deal really). And my one complaint about the movie is one that I wouldn't have had ten years ago. Did we really need a sex scene? I know it was over fast, but come on. Take that scene out, and we can all take our sons to the stinkin' movie.

Still and all, I really loved the film. STAR TREK gets 5 Eric Bana face tattoos out of 5. I wanted to say that it was the best STAR TREK movie to date, but come on. Nothing tops THE WRATH OF KHAN. And I really dig THE VOYAGE HOME, too, but that's just me.

Oh, one more thing. Karl Urban was almost as good as the real Bones. Seriously.


the hamster said...

(hadn't read this yet because i have not seen the film, but, john, you may want to revise the title. an extra "is" slipped in where there should been a "to." will respond with a review by week's end.)

the hamster said...

oh, and, john, how stoked are you for UP to come out this weekend? i think it will be marvelous.

michellenotdawn said...

Great review - my hubby and I also LOVED the movie, and Bones was his favorite character.
How could I have missed Olsen's Red Shirt?

myleswerntz said...

YES! I loved the weal attention to detail. Chekov was great! And I turned to Sarah when that scene with Olsen came up and said, "Lemme tell you about the guys in red shirts..."

So great.

myleswerntz said...

AND for the record: the Beastie Boys scene was one of my favorite driving scenes in a movie that I can recall. I was dancing and singing along, much to Sarah's dismay.