Friday, April 10, 2009


it's all because of the kate hudson.

this scene above, especially when william watches penny on the edge of the bathtub, grinning at her feet sliding on the bath white tile, was my wife's most favorite scene in the film. she didn't say why. she just said, "that was SO good." and she laughed while kinda staring off across the room when she said it.

i got the lump in my throat when penny flutters her fingers in william's face, the whole band singing elton john, and she says to him, "you are home." i was not cool when i was 15, but i tried more than most of the schmoes at my high school. at that age, i desperately wanted penny lane for a best friend. she pronounced things over william that unleashed him. women have that unique power over men.

and my wife also, this morning, said that she was deeply humored and moved by the scene after the near plane crash, after all that was said in the shivering plane, when they all walk slowly down that blazing white corridor, william pausing to vomit in a trash can. so goes spiritual exposure at times.

and even after all the pursuing and dancing and yearning and crying in the hallway the morning after losing innocence to three that were not the one and hoping for morocco steeped in the perfume of curly golden hair and saying the things beneath trees that you would never want to say anywhere and reviving back to life someone with a real name, even after all that, for it to have all actually been about william and russell . . . . . yeah, that busted me up pretty good as well. 

overall, the film did not incapacitate me as it has in times past. i'm not sure if that says as much about the quality of the film or about the position of me. either way, the film still hit places in me that listen to neil young with a taste for long stretches of road, or that scream from the backbeat of an early pearl jam un-single for a total do-over. this is a good film: a viewer's window-gazed, ceiling-fan spun daydream of an autobiography nuzzled in a film-maker's cut-and-paste creatively-spasmed-autobiography. we wanted rock-n-roll to engulf more than our senses of sound, and we wanted friends to go beyond the reach of open roads in summertime. and, as john barber eloquently stated, we all wanted to believe that we were cool.

i give ALMOST FAMOUS five roof-peek pool dives out of five. this film almost made me feel like a golden god in my own skin.

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Stacey Lawlis said...

OH, for the I-am-a-golden-god moments. They are far and few between...

Dig your reviews, Stills. Keep 'em coming.