Thursday, February 12, 2009


back on then around christmas i had a brunch with jennie beard in little rock, arkansas. we talked about the websites we manage and enjoy. jennie made a stark statement to me that day. she said that she likes this little boyrific website here about films and filmtastic banters, but she said she sometimes chooses not to venture our way because we post so many scary pictures. i told her that was true: we do post a great deal of scary pictures. jennie said that she may be more inclined to visit our site more often if there were less scary pictures to encounter. i told her i would do my best to hold off on the violence. and with the exception of spaceman vorhees below, i feel that we've done a much better job of holding off the horror. (even though the blood is so much fun to splatter across the page).

therefore, it is for jennie that i have posted the image above. the film i would like to mention today does not have a single pretty poster. however, neither of these posters, nor the trailer, do this film any justice: all three promos make THE HAMILTONS appear atrociously more violent and gorey than it is. in fact, i did not consider THE HAMILTONS visually vicious at all; instead, i considered THE HAMILTONS one of the most psychologically and emotionally daunting horror films i have ever encountered. this film is smart - almost too smart. hell, i'd say it's even brilliant. the entire tone of the film feels dire and secretive, constantly cluing us in to some hideous family lore that we have not yet unearthed. we only know it's there, and we know it's huge. usually horror films that attempt trick endings or surprise twists end up tritely mimicking m. night schamalabadabingbang. THE HAMILTONS pulls off the twist beautifully and flawlessly. 

and it scared the fajita tortillas outta me. 

i wanted to review THE HAMILTONS today for two reasons: (a) it's one of the finer horror films i have seen to date, breaking conventions and setting a new standard, i believe, for a more honest exploration of psychopathic ethos than anything we have seen in the SAW franchise or by rob zombie to date. (b) THE HAMILTONS is available for free viewing until next thursday on one of my new favorite websites: this website showcases free streaming thrillers and indie horror films, unloading a new batch every thursday. if you're interested in THE HAMILTONS, click on the link above and then click on "free movies." a link for THE HAMILTONS will appear in a box below. seriously, you'll thank me for the advice.

i give THE HAMILTONS 5 twisted sisters out of 5. maybe the film is not that great, but it shocked my socks off and left me spinning for several days. sorry, schmalabadabingbang, you may have met your match.

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