Wednesday, January 14, 2009


great. all i needed was one more film of heroics to make me feel the insignificance and shallowness of my own existence.

3 gospel tents out of 5.


John Barber said...

You're my hero, Kevin Still!

the hamster said...

did you see it?

don't get me wrong: the film is great. i just usually walk out of these epics so depressed. they really push the message that for life to be one ounce of worthadamn, then life's gotta be lived on mountainsides and motorcycles and tug boats in foreign lands, alone, alone, alone, and always in constant expedition. it makes me tired.

still, the film is great. and the brad pitt did it for me once again. and cate blanchett is so oddly beautiful i can't stand not looking at her more in the film. and i'm glad to be in texas today - even so.

Amber said...

I, too, left this movie - not thinking about the movie - but the artists in the movie and their gorgeous acting that made me weep, and I'm so so good with that.

the hamster said...

amber -

you are right. when we left, the latonyanator was all like, "what'd you think?" and i was all like, "i can't take my eyes off that cate blanchett. she's, maybe, too good sometimes. and brad pitt just melts me everytime." and she's like, "did you like the movie?" and i said, "sure, it was fine. but brad and cate..."

sometimes people that pretty make my eyeballs hurt.

Sean said...

Tomorrow night Angela and I have our weekly Monday-date-night where we go to the AMC here in fayettenam and enjoy an evening movie for $4 a ticket. We are going to watch Gran Torino. We were going to watch this Button movie, but then we decided to go with the other one. The following Monday will be The Wrestler (assuming it is playing in that theater).