Monday, December 8, 2008

Insert Monkey Pun Here

Here's the main review of SPACE CHIMPS on IMDB:
I just took my 4 year old boy to see this movie and we left shortly before it was over. We were not the only ones to leave early either. Only once was there any laughter from the audience. I thought most of the punch lines were aimed at the adult audience, but no one was laughing. I was very disappointed that there wasn't any moral to the story - if there was, it was vague. The characters were not all that likable either. I didn't feel any connection to them at all, nor did my son. I left the theater thinking that this was the biggest waste of time and money. Space Chimps is no Shrek. This has to be the worst G-rated movie I have ever seen. My son thought it was very boring and he usually loves action/adventure movies. The only thing he liked about the whole experience was the pack of Twizzlers I bought him.

Dang, some people take their monkeys-in-space movies seriously.

Sam, Laney, and I sat down to watch SPACE CHIMPS last Friday night ('cause Friday night is Family Fun Night in the Barber house, dontcha know). A brief plot synopsis:

A wormhole in space is discovered, and because it's too dangerous to send humans through, they send the chimps. The chimps find a planet populated with with aliens that look strangely like the dude in EXPLORERS. There's an evil overlord, the chimps save the day, etc, etc.

I fully expected, as is my custom, to fall asleep at exactly seven minutes into the film. It was not to be so. Not only did I not fall asleep, I actually found myself laughing out loud at jokes about Axel Foley and David Bowie. So I started thinking about things I like in movies:

Monkeys... check.
Space... check.
David Bowie Jokes... check.

SPACE CHIMPS gets 4 Ziggy Stardusts out of 5.


myleswerntz said...

wow--such a resolute disagreement with the powers that be!

the hamster said...

things i love in movies:

1) liv tyler
2) linda hamilton
3) new wave soundtracks
4) creative swearing
5) werewolves
6) grown men's plans to toss themselves from bridges being twarted by unassuming white guys
(in the form of either a pudgy angel or booger from REVENGE OF THE NERDS)
7) christian bale
8) "brief nudity"
9) powertool murder scenes
10) redemption that does not involve getting the girl, or getting-with-the-girl, by the end of the film
11) car chases
12) girl fights
13) milo AND otis
14) hamsters

myleswerntz said...

12) quips
13) trenchcoats
14) making out in the rain
15) minimum wage jobs by big-name actors
16) john cusack
17) destruction of drywall

the hamster said...

18) bad accents
19) spontaneous group dancing
20) zombies
21) old people regaining their youth and sexuality
22) cat humor

John Barber said...

23) Stabbin'
24) The "Pretty Ugly Girl"
25) zombies (yes, I know it was #20 as well. I don't care)
26) vomiting
27) 3-D popping eyeballs
28) "Brief Comic Violence"
29) Christmas
30) Vending machines.

the hamster said...

31) tina fey!

John Barber said...

In honor of our movie this week:

32) Crispin Glover
33) Corey Feldman

the hamster said...

also in honor of our film this week:

34) heavy metal slow-dancing
35) naked canoeing
36) monster mask-making
37) machetes

myleswerntz said...

in that vein:

38) archery ranges
39) electrical outages
40) papier mache
41) skinny-dipping
42) nature and heavy foliage

the hamster said...

43) final chapters (schyea right)