Sunday, November 30, 2008


I currently live in a house, until the first of year, with a couple who love television. I mean, LOVE: when they moved in, they brought with them their complete package of digital cable-expanded package-premium channels, and continue to pay an extra share for it to continue to be a reality in the house. I've never been much of a TV-watcher, but with literally 500 channels to choose from, it's hard not to find myself sitting on the couch with Die Hard going in the background while I mindlessly grade papers.

Die Hard post forthcoming. Don't think I won't post on that Christmas-time gem.


Tonight, as I sit down to crank out some notes from the evening pastor search committee, I see Kurt Russell driving a car like hell through a deserted backroad, with Rosario Dawson in close pursuit. Obviously, I am intrigued. It's a meeting of Overboard and Rent: what's not to hate about this trainwreck already?

A quick look at the information on the cable reveals that this is indeed Quentin Tarrantino's Grindhouse. For the next 30 minutes, I watch Russell drive with a bullet in his shoulder, pursued by three violent--yet mildly attractive--women until they run Russell off the road. And stomp on Russell's face with a stilleto.

There might have been a time when I liked the Tarrantino films. I still admire portions of Pulp Fiction, mostly because it's a highlight for both Samuel L and John Travolta, gems in an otherwise lackluster decade of films for both actors. I love the pontifications of Pulp Fiction; I enjoy the snazz of watching Uma Thurman kick ass; I really get tired of the gratuitous violence. A stilleto? To the face? Really?

One and a half Dodge Chargers out of five. Quentin, I am losing my patience.


the hamster said...

i like the car chase. i like zoe on the hood of the car holding on to nothing but the hood of the car. i also tire of all the tarantino-isms throughout anything by tarantino. except the KILL BILLS. he remarkably kept himself absent from the KILL BILLS.

good assessment here, me-lai. i also like your OVERBOARD meets RENT bit. nice. i almost laughed outloud but remembered that i was wearing headphones so i laughed audibly inside my own head. oh yeah, i heard it - in surround sound, muthaf***a.

did you see PLANET TERROR, yet? i do not recommend it.

the hamster said...

(i think it's funny to put asteriks in a word when we all read it the full filthiness of it in our minds. censorship is a funny thing. in fact, i'm typing this comment buck naked at my kitchen table. now i'm regretting the parentheses.)

don't even try to hold this hamster back! or forward! cause i'm naked!