Sunday, September 7, 2008


pepe guzman suggested we watch the first ten minutes of SON OF RAMBOW, just to get the flavor of it. unfortunately, the entire lot of us - pepe, pepe's bride, me, my bride, tito, tito's bride, and the Holy Ghost who probably warned us but who we all ignored - sat through the entirety of the entire film, which felt as ridiculous and redundant as the end of that last sentence.

where this film could have been cute, it was depressing. and where it could have been creative, it was dull. and where it could have been innocent and gushing over with naivety, it was oppressive and filled with a violence it could not redeem.   

pepe and i, for all our love and beers, rarely agree on art. we particularly disagree to disagree on films and the music of ani difranco - i just love loving her and he hates me not hating her. (okay.... wait, a minute.... i take that back.... we laughed our asses off together at SUPERBAD, and neither of us can quite get enough ricky gervais. these are rare instances though, i can assure.) however, we both stood up from last night's flop and collectively said: stupid. then we pounded fists.

this morning tito and kristen waxed eloquently of their dislike for the SON OF RAMBOW while pepe and i enthusiastically concurred. i've not asked pepe's bride, but my bride insists that the SON OF RAMBOW was "cute" and "entertaining." i'm not sure what film she watched while we sat through a grand concept poopooed by a horrible execution. 

i will say this: the kids in SON OF RAMBOW were great. they were totally fabulous. they did everything they knew to do and then some. i mean, really, take those kids out and fatten 'em up on dairy queen dilly bars. they were not to blame here. in fact, i'll go so far as to give the kids a whopping 5 scabs out of 5 - bless their little hearts and keep them away from the paparazzi. 

as for SON OF RAMBOW, which made a mockery of one of my favorite films - FIRST BLOOD - i give 1 burning record player out of 5. seriously, we should have watched THE MUPPET MOVIE.

ps. tito, that last link was for you.


myleswerntz said...

a comparison to Wes Anderson? I'll have to check it out now, despite myself.

the hamster said...

no, no. the wes anderson comparison was not a good thing. it was like, yeah, wes anderson made a movie like this years ago and it was PHENOMENALLY better, pooser.

John Barber said...

I saw that this was playing at the local arthouse and gave it a thought, but now I'm glad I didn't waste the time. I have way more important things to get to - like Ft13th2.

And RUSHMORE? Holy crap. Love, love, love.

the hamster said...

john barber - thank you. and i love you.