Sunday, July 27, 2008


dear readers and hopeful commentators of our humble little THREE HANDS film-loving website,

recently, it has been brought to the attention of the THREE HANDS management team that several readers who do not yet possess the hallowed google account fraternity blazers and breast pocket emblem patches have desired to join in the fun and conversation of films, filth and femme fatale here with us at the THREE HANDS party house. however, your revelry has thus far been squelched due to technical problems existing on our end of things.

for this inconveinance, we here at THREE HANDS wish to extend to you an apology for these complications. we personally saw to it today that our technical support hand was successfully seized and delivered to the vorhees estate for cast placement in an upcoming FRIDAY THE 13th slaughterfest sequel. the vorhees estate expressed great elation to receive our technical guru as they informed me today FRIDAY THE 13th part 29 will showcase the subtitle - JASON TAKES M.I.T.

with this little human problem eliminated, we wish to offer all our readers (all four of you) the right and privilege to join in the THREE HANDS conversation. come with your banter, your opinions, your views, your reviews, and your revolts! we invite it all! we are the theatre that allows you to keep your cell phone on! the more chatter, the better! without you, we are simply emailing one another. which is how this whole gig got started in the first place.

so, here's to you, faithful reader. thanks for attending our show.

- hockey-maskers, inc.


Seth said...

As I read this post, the theme song/jingle "great American he-e-e-roes" came to mind.

I contribute, therefore I am.

John Barber said...

Oooh! Oooh! Do I get to be Tom Servo? I wanna be Tom Servo!