Saturday, July 26, 2008


the newest adam mckay-will ferrell film - STEP BROTHERS - is completely foul. thus far, will farrell has successfully made very funny films void of overly gratuitous sexuality and cussing. well, for the most part. most of you are thinking - what about the rainbow sex scene and the bone in burgundy's khakis from ANCHORMAN? and, sure, sure, you have a point (so did burgandy); however, the crudeness of STEP BROTHERS makes ANCHORMAN look like the gospel bill show. it would appear that mckay and farrell took notes from the popularity of seth rogen's 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN and SUPERBAD while writing yet another farse about grown men acting like spoiled ridiculous prebuscents.

ripe with sexist references about every inch of the female anatomy, blatant celebration of hustler pornography, violence towards schoolchildren, inappropriate uses of white dog poop, unfortunate displays of male gentalia on a snare drum, and a rap song that would make even the too live crew feel inspired - STEP BROTHERS is fouler than foul: it's durty.

and i loved it.

the wife and i both agreed that STEP BROTHERS is the funniest film will farrell has made since ANCHORMAN. personally, i think that ANCHORMAN is the greatest comedy ever made. STEP BROTHERS certainly is not the second (perhaps DUMB AND DUMBER could get the silver medal), but i did laugh from the moment STEP BROTHERS started until an hour after it was over. will farrell and john c. reilly rival richard pryor and gene wilder for best comedy duo. at least, farrell and reilly have provided the current generation with a worthy replacement.

i'm recommending this one, people. if you love the will farrell - and i know you do, and if you think, as the hamster has been quoted for saying, that "EVERYTHING IS SACRED IN A JOKE," then this is for you. i give it three-and-half white-man-fros out of five.


John Barber said...

Man, you're invoking the name of Wilder/Pryor? Dude, that's serious business. I may have to make it to this one. I do so love Ferrell/Reilly in TALLEDEGA NIGHTS.

And I could not agree more that ANCHORMAN is the greatest comedy ever (at least of our time).

the hamster said...

yes. yes i did invoke the name of Wilder/Pryor.

the heat is on.

Ally said...

Anchorman has filled my life with such joy...I am convinved that my quoting this movie on our first date is, in fact, what made the bf fall in love with me. "Say hello to public television, pledges, no mercy!"

We saw it on Sunday and I snorted during the first 30 minutes. Twice. I loved it, but it noticeably trails off at the end. They could have done so much more with the lame part where they get jobs, but the song at the end where John C. Reilly keeps adding "Boats and Hoes" over Will's (dare I say angelic) singing is hysterical.

the hamster said...

ally - yes, i loved the "boats and hoes" line. just this morning while making my tea, i got to whispering it to myself under my breath - "boats and hoes." STEP-BROTHERS certainly does not quote as well as ANCHORMAN, but i'm still placing above even TALLADEGA NIGHTS.

myleswerntz said...

I loved that you name checked Gospel Bill here. I had totally forgotten about him, except that I think I saw every episode he ever did between ages 7-10.