Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"CATS WANT TO POOP IN MY SANDBOX" - burke douglass

the only thing that i possess a greater affinity for than things that devour people is animals. i freaking love animals. the fact even found its way onto my resume under hobbies and interests. right down there in the corner it says: "self-proclaimed and instructed entomologist. herpetology is a close second." one of my favorite activities is turtle and snake hunting in the creek behind my texas townhomes. to date, i have seen three snakes, four turtles and a gaggle of totally stylish salamanders. we also have some really great beatles and moths in this area. not to mention, this past spring i picked up the habit of catching live wasps in juice glasses, just as a middle finger to their hinney-hooks. animals are so boss. if you don't believe me, go watch some of that america's funniest home videos. the only clips worth a good gosh-durn are the one with babies and animals. animals rock. i mean it. go, God. high-five for the animal kingdom.

so the wife and i spent this past saturday day with the douglass children. i told the douglass boys they could watch a bit of a movie between lunch and nap time. of course, they squealed for TRANSFORMERS - and who wouldn't? but i couldn't find TRANSFORMERS. so burke found a copy of THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS. he said, "i wanna watch dis one! i wanna watch dis one!" liam was none too happy. he wanted a good battle sequence, some quick stepping fightin' action. but burkey had made the MILO AND OTIS call and that's that.

so all three of us - burke, me, liam (in that order) - squeezed into a giant leather arm chair. blythe occassionally shared the chair with us, but spent most of her time crawling on latonya and then trying to turn the television off. i had never seen the MILO AND OTIS. maybe i'd caught a glimpse of it in the video store or at wal-mart and, more than likely, i sluffed it off as a cheap remake of HAMBONE AND HILLIE or LASSIE COME HOME. also, i must add here, that as much as i love animals, i despise films about talking animals. seriously, the joke is over. eddie murphy buried that that one up ages ago.

but MILO AND OTIS was none of those things. in fact, MILO AND OTIS was pure magic. i just kept wondering how they got those animals to do all that. they had cats swimming in rivers, a kitten white water rafting in a wooden box, and a pug boxing a black bear. and i was utterly enthralled - maybe even more than the boys. i kept saying, "whoa, dudes! look at that freaking cat!" and liam kept saying, "yes, kevin, we know. we own the movie."

i'm recommending THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS for kids and adults alike. particularly, adults hanging around kids. or kids who own any adults who happen to love animals. either way, this film was a winner, winner, chicken dinner. i give it four kibbles out of five bits.


Amber said...

Fist Pumps to Kevin for reminding me of this movie. This was a daily for my little brothers, and it tickles me to think of my 3 boys maybe switching up Stars Wars for some M&O.

I'm loving this blog. I'll blogline you guys for sure and send some readers your way.

Seth said...

My wife Amber directed me here...

Good work. I will keep up with this one.

the hamster said...

amber and seth - thanks for coming. both of you. any friend of a brock is an automatic friend of mine. keep lounging about, if you like. we'll supply the refreshments. or, something like refreshments.